Our work is done by volunteers.  Community members working with local, state, native tribes, and federal organizations to conserve, protect, sustain, and reconnect our cold water rivers and streams.  Trout Unlimited and our Local #090 chapter give volunteers a unique opportunity to work with scientists, habitat restoration specialists, native tribes, elected officials, and more while also getting your hands in a river doing real grassroots work on the headwaters right in our backyard.

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From snorkeling collecting data for surveys or stream and fish health, to working on large flood plain restoration projects, to water temp and stream flow monitoring, and so much more our volunteers are out in our public lands doing work to keep them healthy and pristine for everyone to enjoy.  For our children and theirs, we are there, knee deep in the river placing monitors and standing in front of our state representatives expressing our passion for conservation of our headwaters.  We are engaged and we see the results of our work first hand because its in our backyard.

Headwaters Matter is a call to those who enjoy our public lands, rivers, streams, and the wildlife to join us as we work to conserve our headwaters.  Whether it be in the form of a donation or by showing up, rolling up your sleeves, and getting after it, we invite you to become one of our Volunteers In Action.