Well, its about time this website got a little bit of a face lift and some updating, and with that the beginning of regular posts about what our Chapter has going on.

Let me start by saying the first half of this year with our new board has been great. We have a really passionate group working together on a number of things, including: more volunteer opportunities, new chapter projects, and making our monthly meetings a little more fun to hopefully draw more folks out.

So let’s cover what we’ve been up to this year.

Water Temp Monitoring

Our water temperature monitoring program is still going on! Some of you may remember a few years ago we started this project in coordination with WDFW and some others. We got funding through an Embrace-a-Stream grant to buy ourselves the equipment, calibrated said equipment, worked with our partners to find the ideal placement locations, and got some volunteers knee deep in creeks and started placing them. 

I believe this is our third year doing this now (someone from the board correct me if I’m wrong), and its starting to look like this was the first of a much bigger idea of how we track things in the Teanaway watershed.  

Special thanks to our volunteers every year (Especially Nate) who have gone out to place them in the spring, and find can track them down again to pick them up in the Fall!

This is open to more volunteers too! As good as our regular volunteers are at doing it, more is never a bad thing in this case. If this is something you want to try out, reach out to us via email (yrhtu090@gmail.com), Instragram (@yakimariverheadwaters_tu), or on Facebook!

Cutthroat PIT Tagging

This is something we’ve been interested in for a while, and this year we got the chance. Thanks to a great relationship with one of our local WDFW Fish Biologists and a few hundred spare PIT tags, there were roughly 180 (Again, someone correct me if I got that wrong) Cutthroat tagged this year in the Teanaway Watershed.

“Huge Step” is what I’d call this. We’ve long had our theories about how and when Cutthroat move about the Teanaway system, or even downstream into the main stem of the Yakima. Those cutties do like to travel. Well now, we might be able to prove whether or not we know what we’re talking about! There’s an always-on scanner running the width of the main stem of the Teanaway, which should give us a clue of when and what fish move that far downstream.

The really cool part about this is we’ve got some sweet scanning equipment (You can see what it looks like on our Instagram post about this) that we’ve been hauling around near the tagging sites and scanning for trout right in the water. VOLUNTEER ALERT!!! If this sounds fun to you, this is an ongoing and open volunteering opportunity where a couple of our chapter members are making regular trips out, and more legs to do the work are much appreciated! 

It makes me think, if we could help fund more river-wide scanners, could we create the first watershed wide trout tracking program? Could be cool. Could be unrealistic. Either way, I’m going to ask questions about it!

If this is something you want to try out, reach out to us via email (yrhtu090@gmail.com), Instragram (@yakimariverheadwaters_tu), or on Facebook!

Indian Creek Tree Planting

Who doesn’t like a good tree planting? We’re not really running this one, our local TU staff are, but we’re doing our best to help out. We’ve applied for another grant to make this whole project happen, but in the short term there’s already work to be done.

Background, local TU staffers are working on restoring a multi-acre location on Indian Creek in the Teanaway watershed, and this is the beginning of it. I’m still waiting on official details, but we know that the volunteer days are October 21st & 22nd.

So mark those calendars! Take a sick day! Work remotely from the woods! There’s trees to be planted and we need your help! We’ll post more specifics when we get them, and if you’re interested reach out to us via email (yrhtu090@gmail.com), Instragram (@yakimariverheadwaters_tu), or on Facebook!

Alright, I think that’s enough for one evening. Keep your eye out for more posts for volunteer opportunities, and come out to our October meeting. Tight lines, ya’ll!

Ross Abbott

Chapter President

Posted by:headwatersmatter

Local Trout Unlimited Chapter doing conservation...saving trout...fighting the good fight against climate change.

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