North Fork Teanaway River

Headwaters Matter is a concept that started around a fire along the banks of the West Fork of the Teanaway River.  A few conservation minded individuals discussing the current state of our local rivers decided that the only way to fix the issues we are facing due to climate change could only be solved right here, on the ground, with a small group of dedicated people working towards a better, cleaner, colder, more flowing stream.

Everything Flows Downstream…Headwaters Matter.

The Headwaters of the Yakima River Basin are a gem to the state of Washington but moreover, they are a point of pride for the community that lives among them.  From anglers, to farmers, to city officials, to the kids in the summer swimming in the deep water holes of the headwaters; these rivers and streams are a part of life here in the basin.  Our Trout Unlimited Chapter has made it our mission to focus on these headwater streams.

West Fork Teanaway River

From massive habitat restoration work to simple water temperature monitoring there is plenty of conservation work to be done.  Lots of science to engage in and learn from.  Headwaters are the life source of the water we drink, play, and fish in.  What happens to them happens to all the water that flows below them, and in turn effects us all.  Water is our most valuable and important resource.  The wild animals that use it and call it home are ours to be stewards and advocates for.  Our Headwaters Matter Campaign gives our community the tools to be such stewards.

If working in this type of way or donating to such a cause is something that interests you.  Become a Headwaters Hero with us and support the Yakima River Headwaters Chapter of Trout Unlimited in our Headwaters Matter Campaign.

West Fork Teanaway River